What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing?

It’s everywhere you look. Even the New York Times is talking about microdosing. Most people kind of know what it is, but still have questions about it. 

You can “microdose” just about anything. You can microdose a medication. For example, some people can take small amounts of antidepressants or stimulants to help with various conditions. There is a lot of chatter and studies being done regarding microdosing psychedelics like psilocybin (or magic mushrooms) to help treat depression and other disorders. You can even microdose caffeine

Microdosing is also helpful if too much THC gives you anxiety or makes you feel paranoid. Most people I talk to that don’t like cannabis say that it’s because they had a bad high. I’ve been there, but guess what? Microdosing can help. By starting with small amounts of products containing THC (and some patience), you can control how high you get and how quickly. Taking small amounts over longer periods of time can allow almost anyone to enjoy cannabis at their own pace.

Can you microdose CBD? 

Why yes, you can! Everyone has a different tolerance when it comes to cannabis, even when you are imbibing in something with very low THC and higher CBD levels. This is an especially good way to begin your journey with CBD if you’re a newbie. But even more experienced users partake in microdosing to get their daily dose of cannabinoids. For instance, if you take a daytime oil for focusing, but a full dose seems like too much, try taking one quarter of the dose, 4 times a day. Some people looking for relief from daily aches and pains, prefer to spread their CBD dose throughout the day for better results. For example, if you take a full-spectrum gummy with CBG for pain relief, try splitting the gummy up into thirds and taking it three times a day. Microdosing also works with oils containing other botanicals for ailments such as PMS. Xula’s Mood+Mood Oil can be taken multiple times per day, so try half of a dropper at a time throughout the day when you feel symptoms. You can even try a low-dose gummy like these Rose Delights. At just 10mg per gummy, it’s the perfect CBD microdose and you can enjoy them multiple times a day!

How do you microdose Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a bit stronger, and I always tell my clients to start with small doses before moving to larger ones. Delta 8 can also take a bit longer to work than CBD or Delta 9 THC products, so it’s always wise to give it at least an hour before considering more. Some clients have told me they cut Delta 8 sleeping gummies up into quarters or halves to help with insomnia and pain. I have other clients who like to microdose lower dose Delta 8 gummies for focus and inspiration. When taking higher dose Delta 8 gummies (something 25mg or more per serving), it’s always a good idea to try less to start off. 

How do you microdose cannabis gummies and edibles with THC?

Some prefer a glass of wine to get that evening chill, I always love a microdose of THC (sometimes along with a glass of wine ;-). A tiny bit of a THC gummy can go a long way. Plus, since we are in the beginning stages of legal weed (in some states, including NJ and NY), I find that the strength of edibles can vary quite a bit. For example, the gummies that you can get at an NJ dispensary can be very strong, even for those with experience. I always tell my clients to take a quarter or a third of a gummy to start with. Even gummies that are legal in every state like these Euphoria Gummies with CBD + THC can hit you harder than you may expect. Start with half or even a tiny bite and see how you feel in the next 30 minutes to an hour. Also, look for gummies/edibles that are lower in THC. These Relax Plus gummies by Nama contain 25mg of CBD with only 5mg of THC. They are considered a “microdose” amount of THC, but you can even microdose these (added bonus: the CBD helps to balance the effects)! Try to remember that just because it says “microdose” or someone tells you that it is, it may hit harder than you expect.

Can you microdose cannabis flower and pre-rolls?

The answer is yes, of course you can! It can be easy to overdo it when you are presented with a joint though. Smoking cannabis is the quickest way to feel its effects. Joints and pre-rolls can be tough, but just take a tiny puff and give it five to ten minutes to see how you feel. My favorite way to control my high when I smoke cannabis flower is to use a vaporizer like Pax. This device offers a “half pack” option for the small chamber that you put the flower into, which can aid in not getting too high. Also, just taking one hit (even with a one-hitter like this) controls how high you get and how fast that happens. One tip I always give (and something I really enjoy) is to add CBD flower to your weed. A 1:1 mixture will really control how high you get and keep that high balanced. Try pre-rolls with lower THC content like these by Her Highness or Exhale the BS by hustle + flo - the higher levels of CBD help to keep these options more balanced. If you are looking for CBD flower, ask me about my Off-Site Menu.

Microdosing Reminders:

  • Everyone’s tolerance is different, so it’s important to find the dose that works for you
  • Eat some food and drink plenty of water - that always helps when imbibing in edibles and when you get the munchies ;-)
  • When experimenting with any cannabis product, be in a safe space and don’t drive!
  • Whenever enjoying products that contain Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC, remember the motto, “start low and go slow.” It can be super helpful! If you do get too high (hey, it happens to the best of us), take a look at my guide, 6 Things to Try if You’re Too High

Need some help figuring our your perfect microdose? Book a consult with me!

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