6 Things to Try if You’re Too High

6 Things to Try if You’re Too High

If you have dabbled with cannabis, you’ve probably been there. An innocent edible turns into an entire evening of a paranoid dialogue in your head. You may hear things that sound much too amplified. Your mouth might be so dry that you are suddenly terrified you will swallow your tongue. It’s typically not the goal of partaking in cannabis to get this high, but it happens to the best of us.

Not to worry! I’ve got you covered in this guide on what to do when you find yourself way too high.

Bookmark this post, so the next time the edible hits hard AF - you have some strategies to try out.

Drink Water

I don’t mean like a few sips, I’m talking lots. Hydration helps push things out of your system. This is an especially helpful technique if it’s an edible that did you dirty, but it should help with any "too high" moment. Bonus: it helps with dry mouth!

Take CBD

I always take CBD when I imbibe in THC. I’ve learned over the years that combining the two gives you a more balanced high and I find that I have fewer negative symptoms (like paranoia). It usually prevents me from getting too high in the first place. But, when that happens, taking some fast-acting CBD always helps. The quickest way to get it into your system is by smoking/vaping it. I suggest having a CBD vapor pen or a pre-roll at your disposal just in case. But they are good to have around when you need some quick relief from other issues. Not a smoker? Worry not, tinctures are the next fastest acting form of CBD. Be sure to put the oil directly under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds. Gummies take a bit longer to kick in, but taking them when you imbibe in THC helps!


For some reason, food always makes it better. As long as you are hydrating, add some pretzels into the mix. This is one that works well for me if I’m feeling super high. My focus turns to the delicious taste of the snack that I’m eating and less about how high I am. I like to stick to basic salty carb treats like crackers, pretzels, veggie sticks, etc. But, try whatever your comfort foods are.


This one doesn’t work for everybody, but try it out. Go to your favorite comfortable space at home and make yourself a little nest of safety. Fluff up your bed and surround yourself with pillows or get into your outdoor hammock with a blanket and your ear buds. Put some relaxing music on and just lean into the relaxation. Like I said, this doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try. If you are lying there and beginning to freak out again, try the next tip!

Phone a Friend

We all have that one friend. The one you can call if something embarrassing happens. Put their friendship and understanding to good use and give them a ring. Talking to someone familiar (that hopefully isn’t as high as you are) is comforting and reassuring. Even if you just want to talk about how high you are or how scared you are that your wallpaper is moving. If they aren’t answering though…

Call in the Experts

Gossamer recently launched a phone number dedicated to people who are way too high. I tried it and it’s amazing. There is relaxing music, even-toned voices that will guide and distract you through your journey. You’ll be pushing numbers and repeating mantras so much that you will forget how high you are. The number is 202-TOO-HIGH.

Remember, the best way to use cannabis is to start slow and low and go up from there. Good luck out there and happy 420!

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