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Back to School Survival Guide for Parents

It's that time of year again! Just as we are recovering from a long summer with the kids, back to school time hits. This year, it feels so fast. As parents, we can’t wait for the kids to go back, but getting back into the school year routine can be challenging. Here are some tips for getting back into the school groove that’ll help keep you sane!

A Good Night’s Rest (for everyone)

Get those little rugrats to bed at a decent time. This will help them, but it also helps you by giving you extra time for those last minute chores and helps get you to bed on time, as well. If you’re having back to school jitters and just can’t seem to get to sleep - we got you. Try one of the many sleep aids that we swear by to help get the shut eye you need!

Set the Tone

Change is always stressful, including back to school time. But, it can be exciting, too. Remind yourself that your kid is probably stressing about the new year ahead. In the wake of Covid, the  little things that didn’t stress your kid out before, might be weighing on them. Try to approach back to school with excitement – a fresh start with endless possibilities. Listen, I’m a realist too, so I know it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. If you need a little help getting into that mindset, absolutely no judgment here. Try something to lift your mood. Nama & ColuccioCooks Chocolate Squares are made with a strain that’s literally called “Lifter.” These little guys contain 50mg CBD + 5mg THC (sativa). Email me to order. They are sure to brighten your day (but start with a microdose)!

Don’t Forget Your Routine

Of course we’ve spent countless hours figuring out the perfect routine for our kids. But what about once they are out the door? I mean, after you spin around the living room like Julie Andrews, what are you going to do?! I’m sure we all have plenty of chores and work to fill up those precious hours while the kids are away, but let’s not forget to set aside a little time for ourselves. Find a local yoga or Pilates class you’ve been wanting to try. Boot up that podcast you’ve been waiting all summer to listen to and go for a hike. Get your butt into the hammock the kids have been hogging all summer and read a book (or take a nap). (Gummies are the perfect match for all of these activities). Catch up on The Real Housewives (again, we don’t judge here). Need help finding that chill? Try a cup of DOSED tea with some of my favorite infused-honey. Take a little nibble of a Greater Goods infused-chocolate bar or order some freshly-made infused-brownies that we collaborate with Bakes by Izzy on (email me for info)!

As a former teacher and a current mom, I know that back to school can bring up all kinds of feelings. It truly is a pivotal time of year. To mark the occasion - we are having a Back to School Sale! Take 15% off this weekend, starting on Friday at 8am and running through Sunday at midnight. Sign up for emails or follow us on Instagram to get the code. 

Just remember, you got this. Happy back to school!

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