A bottle of Dosist Hemp Oil Sleep Drops.
A bottle of Dosist Hemp Oil Sleep Drops.
Dosing information for Dosist Hemp Oil Sleep Drops.

Dosist Hemp Oil Sleep Drops

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The Sleep Dose Drop combines CBD & CBN cannabinoids into a high-concentration, THC-free, all-natural formula to help with sleep and restfulness. Feel free to feel better.

15mg CBD + CBN per dose (900mg of CBD & CBN per bottle)

The high-concentration blend is made with less oil per dose and a simple ingredient list.

The Dose Drop is designed for reliable dose control. It is child-resistant and contains 60 doses.

Directions: For a single dose, use the dropper stem to fill and drop 0.25ml of the formula under the tongue. Hold for 15 seconds to activate before swallowing. We recommend waiting 15 minutes to gauge onset and effect before ingesting another dose.

Ingredients: Hemp-derived CBD & CBN, MCT oil (coconut), apricot kernel oil esters, essential peppermint oil, natural flavors for taste, and vitamin C.

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