CBDaytime Chocolate Bar
CBDaytime Chocolate Bar
CBDaytime Chocolate Bar
CBDaytime Chocolate Bar

CBDaytime Chocolate Bar

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Start your day off stress-free with the balancing effects of cannabis and cocoa. This creamy, salted caramel light chocolate bar is infused with 200mg of sustainably sourced, non-intoxicating CBD to sharpen your focus, reduce anxiety and inflammation. Cocoa, a rich antioxidant, also delivers a wealth of benefits; it can boost heart health, improve blood flow, and protect your skin and teeth. May your day be filled with inspiration and wonder.

Available in Dark or Milk Chocolate

*Pro Tip: Add a square to your morning coffee or the milk of your choice for a calming and focused morning beverage!

Best for: Anytime

200mg CBD per bar / 25mg CBD per square 

Ingredients: Cacao mass, Coconut sugar, Cacao butter, Hemp derived CBD, Natural flavor, Salt. Vegan.

COA Lab Results

*A note about the artwork: London-based designer Emma Smith has created dreamy artwork inspired by lush plants, daylight and darkness. The CBDay wrapper is adorned with a vibrant floral print that captures a sense of awakening, whilst CBD + CBNight channels the depth of nightfall with rich monochromatic blooms.

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