Bloom Farms Dream Mini-Vapor Pen
Bloom Farms Dream Mini-Vapor Pen

Bloom Farms Dream Mini-Vapor Pen

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The Bloom Farms vape line is made with uncut oil, meticulously formulated from specific strains of hemp, and independently lab-tested for purity, safety and consistency.

Ultra-premium whole-plant hemp extract enhanced with potent hemp-derived cannabinol isolate is housed in this simple, convenient all-in-one device.

0.5 g uncut oil (250mg CBD/50mg CBN)

Easy breath-activated operation—no buttons or preheating

Dreamy all-natural flavor: full-spectrum terpene blend that borrows notes from calming herbs like chamomile, valerian and lavender.

Directions: For evening use only. Hold to mouth at a 45 degree angle. Puff. Take one micro-puff. (Over 1-2 seconds, inhale and exhale comfortable and thoroughly without holding breath.) Wait. Allow 1-2 minutes. Repeat or stop. If you need more, repeat Step 2 and wait 15 minutes. (Repeat up to two more times as needed.) Do not exceed 4 micro-puffs in 24 hours.

1-for-1 pledge: For every product sold, Bloom Farms donates a healthy meal to a food-insecure person.

Ingredients: Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, Cannabinol, Natural Flavor.*

*solventless full-spectrum terpene blend

Important: CBN enters your system within seconds of inhaling. Though activation generally takes 15 minutes, onset may be immediate or may take up to 40 minutes. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, operating machinery or driving. Evening use only.

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