Winter Survival Guide

Winter Survival Guide

January and February feel like the longest months of the year. It’s dark, cold, and for some reason, extra stressful. Maybe it’s the lack of vitamin D, but I‘m also always more tired during winter. The last two winters have been challenging and this year we find ourselves in yet another long, isolating season. 
For all of these reasons, I’ve been working extra hard this year at combatting the winter blues. A few of this year’s struggles for me have included a lack of focus and motivation, fighting the desperate call of hibernation, and so much exhaustion. 
It’s no surprise to me that CBD and cannabis help, but I’ve found that I need to find some creative ways to use them at this time of the year. I needed to figure out what to pair my CBD and cannabis with to survive this long winter. 
Here are some things that have been taking. If you have something that’s been working well for you, shoot me an email or DM and share! Just remember, winter doesn’t last forever. Find a way to get some YOU time in the way that
YOU need it.

Walking my dog Indy has been making me feel great daily. The sun (when it’s out) and the fresh air make a big difference. But sometimes I need a little help getting out there. My Energy Oil (with green tea extract) gives me the little boost I need to get moving.

We’ve all got our creative outlets. Lately, I’ve been feeding my inspiration with a little Sativa. These gummies open my mind and help me focus on fun things like writing, business planning, and creating emails for all of you! I take half, but find the dose that unleashes your creative energy.

Sometimes it’s nice to just get quiet and listen to something. It can clear your head, relax, or inspire you. My current faves: the podcasts “My Favorite Murder“ and “The United States of Anxiety,” Alexa’s “Rainy Day Jazz” playlist, my son singing when he doesn’t know I’m listening, and the plain old quiet. Sparking up one of these centers me and allows me to take in what’s around me. If you don’t smoke, sub in Five CBD+THC gummies (email me to order those).

Not comfortable going to a museum yet? The Met Collection and The National Gallery of art (both online) are a feast for the eyes. Or get cozy and settle in for a TV show. These gummies give me that extra bit of chill to help zone in on whatever I’m looking at. Stuff I’m watching: “Only Murders in the Building” on Hulu, “Station Eleven” & “Insecure” on HBO, “Sex Education” on Netflix. Ones I go back to again & again: “Broad City,” “Friends,” “Better Things.”

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling well. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. When I’m having trouble sleeping, reading always helps. But sometimes I need an extra push. Using a CBD/cannabis oil or gummy might help you to feel relaxed. YIPS Night Tincture (linked) is the current fave in our house, along with Five CBD+THC gummies (email me to order those).

Pro Tip: get evening relaxation, minus the morning hangover. Recess Zero-Proof Margarita is sold out everywhere…except here!

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