What is “Cannabis Lite”? <br>High CBD and Low THC Flower to Elevate the Everyday

What is “Cannabis Lite”?
High CBD and Low THC Flower to Elevate the Everyday

Does the dispensary flower hit too hard? If you said yes, you aren’t alone and there’s a new way to elevate your experience. Welcome to Cannabis Lite! Recently, I’ve been experimenting with what I call “cannabis lite.” Cannabis Lite is a term used to describe cannabis that is high in CBD and low in THC. There is still THC in it and you will feel it, but it won’t hit too hard. 

Will Cannabis Lite get me high?

Contrary to the CBD flower of our past, new products are coming out that have a bit more THC in them. You won’t feel like you just got slapped by the THC content in these products though. The vibe/high is much more balanced - due to the high cannabinoid content. But, yes, you will feel it. 

Is Cannabis Lite legal? 

Yes, it is! Although the THC content might be higher than we are used to seeing in CBD flower and pre-rolls, it’s technically compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill in the US. 

Who is Cannabis Lite best for?

Anyone! Cannabis Lite is a great alternative to flower and pre-rolls with high percentages of THC. It’s also a good way to level out your dispensary stash. You can actually add this flower to the stuff you buy at the dispensary and it will balance it out. I would suggest matching up the strain profiles (try a sativa or hybrid with a sativa you get from the dispensary), but it’s fun to experiment. 

Is Cannabis Lite organic?

The Cannabis Lite flower we source from Cannaflower is not mass produced. As with all of the products we carry, this is top-shelf, high-quality artisan flower. Plus, it is all organically-grown and hand-trimmed. They do not use synthetic nutrients, herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. The flower is all sun grown or grown indoors in highly-controlled environments, all using organic, rich, living soil. And we’ve got the third-party lab tests to prove it (links are available on the description page for every product).

What are the benefits of Cannabis Lite flower?

You reap the same benefits that any cannabis flower boasts, but you get the added benefit of not getting too high. Cannabis Lite flower is high in cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBC. In addition to being very relaxing and balanced, Cannabis Lite flower may ease anxiety, improve sleep, decrease muscle and joint pain, help with inflammation, promote a calm and balanced feeling of focus, help to manage digestive issues, decrease muscular tension including symptoms of TMJ, help unlock your creative side and more. People are most likely to experience these benefits when using “whole plant medicine.” This type of product leaves the hemp plant’s compounds fully intact instead of using isolates that have gone through more processing. And you get the added benefit of the “entourage effect” (which describes how various compounds in hemp work together synergistically to produce a heightened and more powerful effect). 

How do I use Cannabis Lite?

We are currently offering Cannabis Lite options in whole flower bags and pre-rolls. You can roll your own (we offer kits with plant-based filters now!) with the whole flower, use a one-hitter, or use with your favorite vaporizer. The pre-rolls are hand-rolled and convenient for any time or place you need them. You can also add any of this flower to dispensary or high-THC flower for a more balanced experience. Smoking or using a vaporizer to imbibe in cannabis is the quickest way to get it into your system and to feel relief.

Still have questions? Book a free consult with me and I can guide you through the process of choosing which flower is right or how to add it to your dispensary flower. Click here to email me.

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