How to Travel with CBD

How to Travel with CBD

It’s summer and we are all vaxxed, boosted, and ready to travel again! One of the questions I get asked a lot lately is: How do I travel with my CBD stash? I recently traveled to Italy and did a lot of research. Here’s what I found works, what doesn’t, and the legalities of it all.

Start with some Googling 

Look up the place you are traveling to and what their local laws are regarding cannabis and CBD. A quick search told me that Italy has something called “Cannabis Light," which means that all of the CBD products that I wanted to bring with me were fine. (The 2018 Farm Bill in the US states that all “hemp/CBD” products must be under .3% THC). However, cannabis and even CBD are illegal in some countries, so research before you go. You may be ok in a US airport with it, but you don’t want to have it on the way home. For example, CBD is illegal in Croatia, and Germany has very stringent rules surrounding it.

Check with your airline

The next step is to check out what the guidelines for cannabis and CBD are on the airline you are taking. The official word from TSA states that, as cannabis remains federally illegal, it is not legal to take any product containing over .3% THC through security at the airport. However, according to the TSA’s website, “screening procedures are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers. Accordingly, TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs...” So, they aren’t technically looking for it. To me, this means that CBD should be fine, but cannabis with higher THC is a judgement call and up to the TSA agent.

Traveling on a plane with CBD

The advice I did find online was that if you want to travel with CBD products, be sure they contain below .3% THC and print out the COA lab test report for the particular products to prove it. Lucky for you, I have all of the COAs for each product linked in its description! I actually used this strategy on my trip to Italy.  My husband and I desperately wanted to bring our CBD sleep gummies, sleep oil, and some basic full-spectrum gummies (I’m a nervous flier). I packed the gummies and oil (in their original packaging) in my carry-on bag and printed out the test results for each. I put all of the test results in a Ziploc bag, in case anyone asked for them. I also packed some in my checked bag. No one said anything in either airport about any of it. I felt like maybe I overdid it with the printed test results, but hey, it’s better to be safe than sorry! My flights were great because I had some CBD to calm me down and help me to sleep.

The bottom line

There are a lot of legal gray areas when it comes to CBD and cannabis. I would feel comfortable traveling with gummies again internationally, depending upon the country I’m going to. Also, things like CBD oral sprays and tinctures are easy to deal with. I would definitely be hesitant to try to bring whole flower or even pre-rolls with me on a plane.

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