The Little Things

The Little Things

Looking at the big picture (your entire day, week, month) can be overwhelming. When all of the things you need to do are piling up and looming over your head, it’s hard to check in with yourself in a real way. Taking a break doesn’t have to be a long commitment; sometimes it’s the little things that can make you feel the best.

Here’s some little things I’ve tried lately:

Put your phone down: I’m not judging. I’m always on my phone checking my own email, my business email, the website, orders, my calendar, the weather, my endless to-do list. The list goes on forever. I know that sometimes my phone can add to my feeling overwhelmed. It’s a great place to check out, don’t get me wrong -- scrolling through Instagram mindlessly helps sometimes! But, then I feel guilty about the time I lost afterward. Now, I’m not talking about completely unplugging or going rogue, but try putting your phone down somewhere and walking away from it for a short length of time. Forget what time it is (for a little bit), forget your email, forget social media. Take ten minutes to yourself. 

Go outside: The last two days have been gorgeous and yesterday’s weather was the perfect excuse to step away from my work for a bit and walk my dog. Being cooped up for so long has taken its toll on all of us. The winter was long and yesterday began the hopeful glimpse of spring that we’ve all been waiting for. The much-needed sunshine and physical activity left me feeling more energetic and happy. It was only a 20 minute break in my long day, but it’s the 20 minutes that sticks out to me the most. The fresh-air can be healing and so can just walking. It helps to clear your head and let you reset. 

Call someone: Kick it old-school and pick up the phone and actually dial someone’s number. I know, I just said to put your phone DOWN! There is a method to my madness though -- I promise. We spend so much time texting people that sometimes we miss the connection that comes with hearing their voice -- or seeing their face if you video call! Speaking to someone you actually want to speak to (and maybe haven’t spoken to in a bit) can be revelatory. Even a 10 minute phone call break can lift your spirits -- and maybe the spirits of the person you call, too!

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