Support woman owned businesses all year

How to Support Women-Owned Businesses All Year

Owning a small business is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Being a woman-owned business presents many additional challenges and opportunities. But a little help from others goes a long way.

Our society loves to show love and support for the chosen sector of the month (no shade, I do it, too!), but the quick pass of Women’s History Month got me thinking. It’s always good to have a refresher! Here are some tips that I think are important to remember to show love to women-owned (and any small business!) all year long.

Know Who You’re Shopping With

This one may seem simple, but it’s easy to forget! Seek out small, women-owned businesses in your area or online. If you are shopping for a specific product, take a moment to look at small businesses in your area that may carry it. A good place to start is to check local websites and social media pages that list businesses. Chambers of Commerce are always a good place to find more about local businesses in any area! If you are shopping online, try using a tool like We Are Women Owned. This directory will help you find women-owned businesses across the country (online and brick-and-mortar stores) that have what it is you are looking for. While you’re there, check out our profile! Another bonus - many of the online businesses list promotions in their profile. 

Support on Social

Give some social media love to a female-run biz. This is one I try to do all year long. Even following your fave businesses helps them out! But, you can take it even further. Did you buy something that you really like? Take it to Instagram or Facebook! Take a photo of the product(s) and put it up in your Stories with a tag back to the business. It may seem like a little thing to do, but it means a lot to a small business. Trust me! 

Double Down

This is something I encourage in my shop. Buy a woman-made/owned product from a woman-owned business! I carry as many women-owned and/or minority-owned businesses as I can. They are always my priority. Xula was founded by two women of color and their products focus on women and our bodies (the Calm+Clarity oil is a fan fave!). Hudson Hemp and Treaty products are produced from a farm run by two sisters. Plus, I carry products that use the hemp from their farm like Rose Delights gummies. Canna Bath Co. is a woman-owned brand that produces amazing, all-natural topical products and bath bombs. Her Highness is a woman- and minority-owned cannabis company that supports women and breaking down the stigma around the plant. Another of my faves is a newer product to the site. Hustle+Flo, a high-quality brand by a hard-working, minority female produces top shelf softgels, spray, and pre-rolls.

Rate + Review

This can be such a big help to small businesses. If you have had a good experience with a small business, Google them and give them a 5 star review! This is something I appreciate so much. If the business has a website, see if you can review products that you have tried and liked. Every little bit helps! Sometimes small businesses offer a perk for your review. For example, if you review my biz on Google, I will email you a discount code. Here’s a link to my Google reviews (if you feel so inclined).

Refer Your Friends & Fam

The greatest compliment you can give any small business is by referring it to your loved ones. It’s a true sign of trust. Plus, many small businesses offer promotions/discounts for referrals! Check in with the business you want to refer to see if you and your peeps can get a discount. 

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